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Vandalism News 65

by Offence and Onslaught

Know something about this production that we don't?


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Jazzcat64 - 00:52 1 October 2016 #

Vandalism News 65 has been released!

The digital offensive continues with an onslaught of entertainment spread across 5 sides; comprising of 86,380 words, 409,055 characters to the sum of 493kb of text tenacity!


- Who is hot and who is not? The latest news, best demo reviews and most recent charts inside!

- Booze Design: on the edge of disgrace! Group in focus.

- Party organiser roundtable: we go behind the curtains of the best parties around! X, Datastorm and Gubbdata!

- Interviews: we go one on one with Cruzer, Dane and Steel.

- Partyzone: reporting exclusively from Gubbdata, Evoke and the Last Ninja gig. Special guests look back at X2014.

- The making of Uncensored: HCL, Dane and Ruk about the creation process. Including never seen before graphics that didn't make the demo!

- Scene World Magazine: backstage with its main organiser Nafcom.

- Genesis Project: The History - Germany to Sweden.

- RGCD 16kb Game Compo - the reviews... the results!

- The Masters of C64 Pixel Art: Prowler previews a new retro pixel art book.

- The Market - Games & Hardware: the most comprehensive list with exclusive commentary.

- 10 exclusive SID tracks inside! Bop your head to Magnar, Drax, Dane, Jeroen Tel, Hein, Lft, Saul Cross, Flex, Rock and SigmaZeven!

- Disk cover - "LXV-files: Murder & Skully" by Duce - coffee, Himalayan salt, bleach, pens and pencils give you protection!