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World Elite Board List October 1994

Advert for 1st Offence, 2 The Coma, 4AM Club, 7th Heaven, 7th Heaven, A Kind Of Magic, A Weird Dream, A-Base, AGA Inn, Abattoir, Abnormal States, Ace of Spades, Aces High (0410), Acid Dreams (307), Acid House, Acid Slam, After Shave, Agressive, Air Supremacy, Airbrush, Akira (416), Alcatraz (703), Alter Ego, Ami Madness, Amiga East, Amiga Empire, Amiga Network, Amiga Software, Amused Death, Anarchy Inc., Anasthasia, Ancient Dreams, Ancodia, Angel City, Angel Dust, Animals, Another World, Antanisoft Net BBS, Ante Omnia, Anti-Trak, Apocalypse (703+415), Apocalypse Now (02154), Arachnophobia, Aracnos, Arkham Asylum (908), Assault & Battery, Asylum, Atlantis, B4 Darkness, Bad Dreams, Bad Obsessions, Bad Taste, Bandit's BBS, Base-X, Basis, Bates Motel, Bears Den, Benediction, Beyond Death, Beyond Paradise, Bigfoot's BBS, Bigger And Deffer, Binary Extasy, Bird of Prey, Black Corsair, Black Forest, Black Krypt, Black Roses, Black Sabbath, Black Skyline, Blasphemy, Blind Date, Blood Street, Bloody Decision, Blue Obzession, Blue Thunder, Boiler Room, Boneheads, Bong, Boondocks, Border Line, Brain Crash, Break Away, Breaking The Wall, Brinz Da Noize, Brooklyn Empire, Broom Closet, Brutal Control, Bubble Bobble, Bulldog's Friends, Burger Bar, Burning Chrome, C.A.L., CD Exchange, Camelot, Canadian Mist, Cape Fear, Carpe Diem, Carved On Chrome, Castle Rock, Cell Block, Celtic Cross, Cemetary, Central Division, Central Link, Central Nervous System, Central Point, Centrum (312), Chain Reaction, Channel-X, Chaos, Chess House, Child In Time, Child's Play, China Town, Chromium, Cimmeria, Circus Maximus, City of Joy, Civil War, Club Paradize, Coast Link, Code Of Honor, Cold Front, Coliseum, Colosseum, Comedy Iceland, Complex 9, Complex Corrosion, Concept Elite, Concorde, Condor, Console Cat, Conspiracy, Cool World, Courts of Chaos (501), Crashpoint, Crazy World, Crazy World, Creeping Death (0711), Crippen Palace, Crying Fields, Cyberdelica, Cyberdome (0582), Cyberdyne Network, Cyberspace, Cyborg Command, Cyclone (035), Cyclone Center, Cypress Hill (02241), Cypress Hill (0761), Da Hauze, Dagcentral 90210, Damage Inc., Damaging Evidence, Danger Zone, Danger Zone, Danse Macabre, Dark Domain (305), Dark Dungeon, Dark Forces, Dark Hell, Dark Room, Darkland, Darkness Descends, Darkness Within, Dawn of Eternity, Dawn's End (609), Dead Heat, Dead Hole, Dead On Time, Dead Zone (714), Deadline (042), Death Row (416), Death Row (801), Deep Death, Deep Freeze, Deep Thought, Delirium II, Delta City, Demo'N'Ware, Desert Storm, Desolate One, Detroit, Devil's Home, Devil's Triangle, Diabolical Sabotage, Diabolika, Diabolo, Digital BBS, Digital Candy, Digital City, Digital Crime, Digital Dream (06806), Digital Dreams (0203), Digital Illusions (206), Digital Implosion, Digital Shock, Digital Underground, Digitstar, Dimension-X, Disc Shoppe, Disneyland, Disorder, Doc's House, Dogchurch, Doom's Day, Doping, Double Impact, Down To Earth, Downtown, Dragnet, Dragon's Lair (016), Drain Pipe #2, Dream Land, Dream Machine, Dreamscape, Dreamscape (05442), Drug Store, Dyers Eve, Eagle's Nest (0225) [2], East BBS, Eastern Front, Echo BBS, Edge of Sanity, Electric Chair, Elite Seven, Elusive Dream, Empire of Power, Enigma, Euro Node, Europes Heart, Event Horizon, Evil Dead, Exodus, Extasy World, Extreme Overload, Fantasia, Fantasia, Far North, Far Out (031/040), Fast File System, Fastline, Fastway, Fatal Illusion (07665), Final Eclipse, Final Frontier, Final Impact, Fire and Ice, Fires of Hell, Flaming Death, Flash (0531), Flashtrade, Flatline, Fline, Flying Saucer, Flying Spirit, Flying Teapot, Forbidden Planet, Ford Knox, Foxx's Den, Free Kuwait, French Kiss, Full House, Fun Factory, Fun House, Fun House, Future Entrance, Future Shock, Future Warez, Future Zone, Gambler, Game Over, Game Shop, Gang Bang, Gates of Asgard, Gateway to Infinity, Genesis 3, Genesis Power, Ghost, Ghost Shadow, Good Omens, Great White North (307), Groovus Maximus, Gurus Haven, Hackers Heaven, Hades, Half Brains, Hallowed Point, Hangar 18 (713), Hangloose, Hardcore, Hardcore Heaven (091), Hardcrash, Harvest Moon, Haunted Cementery, Haunted House Of Bytes, Heart of Nowhere, Heavens Gate (06833), Heavens Hell, Hellbound, Hellbound (0511), Hellfire, Hemispheres (904), Hexer's Home, Hidden Power, High Tension, Higher Ground, Hole In The Wall (313/419), Horror Zone, Hot Spot (0498), Hotel Amiga, House of Coolness, House of Games, House of God, House of Pain (718), Hustler's House, HyperSpace, Hysteria, Hysteric High S., Ice City, Ice Cream, Ice Flow North, Ice Station Zebra, Iceberg, Icehouse, Ignition, Illegal Connection, Illicit Illusion, Illusion, Imagery, Imagine, Infernal Dreams, Infinite Dreams, Infinite Link, Infinite Power, Inner Sanctum, Insanity Flight, Insider, Instant Karma, Intec System, Interactive, Interchange, Interphase, Introspective, Invisible, Invisible Crime (06173), Invisible Crime (0621), Iron Home, Iron Law, Joint Point, Joker's Den, Kickin' Ass, Kill Floor, Kings Ransom, Kiwiland, Kult, Lady Di, Last Chance, Last Desire, Last Outpost, Late Nite, Left of Center, Lethal Dose, Leviathan, Life & Soul, Light House, Light House, Light House, Line To Heaven, Link To Perfection, Lite House Express, Lithium (313), Live, Living Chaos, Loc'd Out Hood, Logic Palace, Logic System, London Dungeon, Los Endos, Lost Dutchman Mine, Lost Patrol, Lost Souls Domain (716), Lucky Town, M3-Evolution, MCI Escapes, MNC, Mach V, Mad Mad World, Madhouse, Madman's Sanktuary, Madness Confusion, Maelstorm, Magic Force, Magic Zone, Magical Zone, Magnolia, Main Source, Main Station, Mainline, Mamba, Maniac Mansion, Mass Media, Master and Servant, Mawby's Hall, Maxim's, Maxxed Out, Mea Culpa, Mega-Lo-Mania, Megabyte, Megacity, Megatron, Melancholic Thoughts, Melmac, Mental Hospital, Mercyful Fate, Metal Church, Metal Connextion, Metal Decade, Micro Machine, Microbox, Middle East, Midian, Midnite, Millenium, Millennia, Minas Morgul, Mind Bomb, Mindbenders (010), Mindbenders (0322), Minor Threat (314), Mirage (503/703), Missing Link, Monastery I, Moon Base, Moria, Morphic Fields, Mounted House, Mozart Mansion, Musical Pharmacy, My Secret Garden, Mystic Places, Mystical Places, Nausea, Necromantik, Necromunda, Needful Things (508), Nemesis Dungeon, Neon City, Network, Neurobashing, Neurotica, Never Island, Neverland (0911), New Inquisition, New Jack City (313), New World Order (410), Newport, Night Voice, Nightfall, Nightfall, Nirvana (516), No Limits, No Order, Nonstop Up'n'Down, North Line, North Star Land, Northlight, Nuclear Fallout (0721), Obituary, Obsession, Odyssey, Offshore, Operation Mindcrime, Orgasm, Out of Space, Outback, Overload, Pacific Oasis, Painkiller, Pair O' Dice, Palace, Palladium, Pandora's Box, Panic Zone (508), Pantera, Paradise, Paradise City, Paradise Dreams, Paranoid Illusion, Parodia, Party Line, Perfect Illusion, Performers Best, Phantom, Phantom Zone, Phoenix (312), Pier's Group, Pirate Isle, Pirate's Heaven, Pirate's Pit, Place Of Delight, Planet X (414), Plastic Factory, Pleasure Dome, Point Blank, Point Of No Repeat, Point Zero, Poison Data, Pooh, Power Dancer, Powerhouse, Powerstation, Presumed Innocent, Pretty Hate Machine, Primitive Future, Programmers Heaven, Progressive House, Promised Land (07541), Prophet's Hold, Prowl's Place, Psycho Terminal, Psychosis (410), Public Enemy, Public Execution, Pump Action, Q E D, Quantum Leap, Raising Hell, Rapsody In Blood, Rebels' Hideout, Red Alert, Red And Black, Red Label, Red Rain, Red Rocks, Red Sector West, Red Watch, Redrum (201), Religion, Repulse, Ripco, Rising Sun, Road To Nowhere (213), Robin's First Orgasm, Robotics City, Rocodromo Vacceo, Royal House, Sado City, Sanctuary (031), Sanctuary (708), Satan's Place, Sconvolts, Secom City, Second World, Secret Chamber, Secret Gate, Secret World, Sex'n Crime, Shadow Run, Shadow Run, Shadow World, Shadow Zone, Shadowland (0951), Shadowworld, Shattered Dreams (416), Showdown Passage, Silent Scream, Silicon Dream, Silver Moon, Silverado, Sin City, Sirocco Station, Skara Brae, Skull Island (908), Skullbuggery, Sky Line, Skyfox, Slaughter House (0203), Sleep City, Slickers, Snakes Den, Snarf's Pub, Snowboard, Soap City, Social Dizease, Soft Tower, Somewhere Online, Souls For Bytes, South Central (030), Southern Tribe, Space Center, Space Station, Spatula City, Spectrum, Speed Hunters, Speedbox, Spheroid, Spiders, Spitfire, Splash, Splatterhouse, Stage Dive, Starfleet, Stargate (0212), Starglider, State Dreams, State of Mind, Static Chaos, Station X Omega, Stonehenge, Strange Land, Streets of Fire, Sturmfeuer, Subway, Suffocation, Suicidal Tendency, Suicidal Zone, Susperia, Synergy, T Minus Zero, TNT, Taj Mahal, Tapped Keg, Task Force, TeCHNo Hou$e, Teboil, Technical Distortion, Techno Palace, Technopolis, Tempest Thunderstorm, Temple Of Computer & Beer, Temple Of Light, Temple of Destruction, Temple of Doom (0621), Temple of Gurus, Terminal Disaster, Terminal Frost (612), Terra Station, Terror Dome, Terrordome (416), The 79th Trac, The Addiction, The Addiction (206), The Attic, The Belgian Way, The Black Lodge, The Bombsquad, The Brewery, The Busy Line, The Cemetary, The Church, The Coven (613), The Crow's Nest, The Crypt (05151), The Curse, The Devil's Den, The Djungle, The E-Zone, The Edge (716), The Electric Co, The Empire, The Enquisition, The Factory, The Final Frontier, The Forest, The Fridge, The Fuck Shop, The Ghetto (510), The Hidden (0202), The Hole, The Hood, The House, The Jam, The Jawball, The Judge, The Krypt, The Larch, The Last Generation, The Low Spark, The Moon, The Network, The Next Generation, The Night Club, The Notice, The Oasis (206), The Outer Limit, The Outpost, The Pentagon, The Pit (718), The Pleasure Dome, The Pool, The Prodigy, The Quandry, The Restaurant, The Slammer, The Terrordome, The Trade Zone, The Ultimate Dream, The Ultimate Ride, The Unknown, Thowo, Throne Chamber, Thunderdome (408), Tidirium, Time Station, Time Trials, Time War, Tombstone, Top Flight, Top Gun, Total Addiction, Total Confusion (035), Total Destruction, Total Disaster, Total Eclipse, Total Inferno, Total Kaos, Total Panic, Touchdown, Toxic Insult, Toxicity, Trade In Center, Trade Line, Traders Home, Traders Lair, Traders Nation, Traders Paradise, Trancentral, Transfer Station, Transition, Trash City, Trench, Trespass, Trick Or Treat, Triniti, Twisted Society, US Army, USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise (412), Under Jolly Roger, Undercover, Underwares (801), Unforgiven, Ungodly, Unicorn, United Europe, Universe, Unlawful Entry, Unlimited Pleasure, Unlimited Success, Unplugged, User World, Utopia (407), Uzi Suicide, Valhalla, Vendetta, Vicious Circle, Videodrome, Villa Straylight, Vincent's Vault, Virtual Reality, Vulture's Lair, Vulture's Nest (407), Wares Unlimited, Warez'O'Mania, Warezhouse (209), Warped Reality, Waste Gate, Wasted Time, Watchtower, Wavespeed, West Side, White House, White Room, Wild Side (312), Wild Wares, Windaria, Wonderland, Woody's World, World Chaos, World DownFall, World Of Fantasy, World Power, World Violation, World of Battle, World of Wonder, Wow, Wrath of Khan, Wreck House, Xposure, Zenlandia, Zero City II, Zyconix

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