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Light was an all-Swedish c64 demo and cracking group. Dr .Cool was an early member (possibly one of the cofounders?), and it was he who recruited Waco and Flamingo to the group, both of which he had earlier been in another group with.

In early november 1989, the group cohosted a party in Bålsta, Sweden with Triad and Oneway, and came 2nd in the demo competition with Brutal - the first in a series of Brutal demos, coded by Flamingo and Waco. They suffered the loss of their cracker Tycoon to the same Triad in the following month of december, apparently leaving the group without an active cracker for the time being.

Jedi opened a board, and Perfection changed his handle to Shade in february 1990. Some mags reported Ice Cube and Rash 'joined Light again' the same month. Just two months later, the the group was joined by another ex-Triad member, sysop Spirou (FUTURE ZONE). Also in may, swedish cracker Tycoon decided to leave the group once again, this time for Censor Design. In august, their long lost swedish cracker Tycoon returned from his stay in Triad, and brought Injun Inc back with him.

Spinx, Glasnost and The Guardian all left Light to form a new group called Camelot in early 1991. Swedish coder and cracker Hero joined the group from Triad in march. The may 1991 diskmagazine Shock 1 reported that Tycoon joined Censor from Light, which makes little sense if he had already left for Triad? A different source suggested, that two more crackers from Triad, the returning Tycoon and Injun Inc., joined in august. The december demo Brutality contained a full memberlist, listing Bappalander, Bluez, Flamingo, Goblin, Icecube, Rash, Scooby, Shade, Spirou and Yabba - and even though Waco was omitted from the list for some reason, he coded several parts and was credited as Waco/Light, so that was likely just an oversight.

Swedes Zagon (code) and Status left in early 1992. After being independent for a while, they both joined Vision. The group co-arranged the Light and Phenomena Easter Party 1992 in april.

The group was coarranger of The Computer Crossroads 1993 in may of 1993. Swedish swapper Walker left due to internal problems, and joined his friend Spirou in Deicide for a couple of days, before finally accepting an offer to join from Active in may 1993. HCL and Vodka joined from Booze Design at the TCC 93 party at the end of may. News in Fairlight's "Reformation #3" [06/93] that Yabba had left for Paradize on the amiga must surely be wrong, as we have records of him being a member as late as december 94. Swedish sysop Spirou (Joel Brynielsson) left the group around july, to stay independent and concentrate on making games. Swedish swapper Fresh Prince left for Epic in september.


Commodore 64 - Demo
Light Dec 1994
Commodore 64 - Invitation
Horizon and Light 1993
Commodore 64 - Diskmag
Light Apr 1992
Commodore 64 - Demo
Light Dec 1991
Commodore 64 - Diskmag
Light Nov 1991
Commodore 64 - Demo
Light Dec 1990
Commodore 64 - Cracktro
Light Sep 1990
Commodore 64 - Demo
Light Apr 1990
Commodore 64 - Demo
Light Nov 1989
Commodore 64 - Demo
Agile and Light May 1989

Member productions

Commodore 64 - Music
Bappalander / Light Jun 1992
Commodore 64 - Music
Goblin and Spirou / Light Jun 1992
Commodore 64 - Music
Bluez / Light Jun 1992

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