Fix me beautiful

lamb - 17:24 30 June 2019 #


Those are duplicates. One of them has download link, whereas the other one has all detail information, but no link.

lamb - 14:39 1 July 2019 #

I'll leave this up to you, but those "releases" are essentially duplicates:


So, what happened here is that the original (and previously released) song "Among the Stars" was used in "Autumn Leaf" collection, but to better match it with the theme, it was signed as "Among the Clouds" only for the purpose of the music-disk. It's not a remix. Except for the different name, not a single byte has changed there and it's arguable to treat it as a separate "release" in my opinion.

menace - 04:20 3 July 2019 #

lamb: Thanks for those updates! Both fixed now, with explaining text on both to avoid confusion. :)

RufUsul - 01:08 5 July 2019 #

real name of https://demozoo.org/sceners/69679/ is Paul Kooistra
and https://demozoo.org/sceners/45278/ is Herve Monchatre
see me comment of https://demozoo.org/productions/169771/

RufUsul - 15:45 7 July 2019 #

real name of https://demozoo.org/sceners/1340/ is Peter Baust├Ądter

Yoik - 16:14 7 July 2019 #

@RufUsul, J.O.E.'s real name has been already set before, not visible at this moment as far as I know (according to Dipswitch's edit on the scener's profile).

RufUsul - 19:10 7 July 2019 #

@Yoik: well, most of the links on his scener's profile can be used to reveal his real name... ;-)

Odyn1ec - 13:53 16 July 2019 #

@Yoik - can you replace the screenshot of my gfx here https://demozoo.org/graphics/206161/
correct picture is on AtariOnline http://www.atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=nowinki&ucat=1&subaction=showfull&id=1563089433

Yoik - 15:45 16 July 2019 #

@Odyn1ec, 100bit took care of it :)

Odyn1ec - 16:59 16 July 2019 #

@Yoik - but I still can see the same picture :( can you or 100bit delete actual one and I will add correct?

100bit - 17:17 16 July 2019 #

Odyn1ec, removed. If you still see the same picture, tap ctrl+f5 for full refresh.

Odyn1ec - 17:21 16 July 2019 #

@100bit - thanx. I put correct now.

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