Forever 2020:


- cancelled


On 5th March 2020 it was announced that Forever 2020 was cancelled following the refusal of the owner of the rented premises to host the event due to the risks associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, but the day after a new partyplace was found and confirmed in Trenčín.

On 9th March however, FOReVER 2020 was cancelled for the second time, and had been postponed at a later date.

"By order of the Prime Minister of Slovak Republic and the Ministry of the Interior, starting from 10th March for 14 days it is prohibited to organize and attend sporting, cultural or any public events or happenings to prevent the spread of the corona-virus COVID-19 under threat of penalty 1650 EUR for the organizer. The number of infected people here is growing rapidly, most schools are closed, public traffic or services are limited, people are supposed to stay at home...

Forever 2020 will, for the first time in its 20-year history, not take place on the third weekend in March. But we agreed on that the beauty of the event consisted in meeting other 8-bit enthusiasts in person. As it's not certain for how long this and similar safety measures will be applied in the following weeks, we decided to postpone the party September or maybe October. Stay tuned for updates on the exact time and place.

For now, please don’t forget to cancel your travel and accomodation bookings as soon as possible, so that you minimize your cancellation fees, and we’ll be looking forward to meeting you later this year."


Commodore 64 - Music
Chuinho Mar 2020
Atari 8 bit - 256b Intro
siniy / Russian Massive Digital Aggression Mar 2020

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cancelled for good: