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Windows - Demo, Invitation
Still Aug 2021

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v3nom - 19:49 28 July 2021 #

OK, here's the deal: We start organizing, you start working on your your release. OK? Yes!

Some announcements, while we're still working on the website to be updated:

* Compos: Same compos as in 2019, check the old website. The three-dee compo (anaglyph glasses) will return and also the retro-gaming-championship.
* The theme for the themed photo compo will be: United
* Did you work on something amazing within the last two years that you want to present as a seminar or workshop to a bigger audience? We have free seminar slots available! Contact us at contact(at)
* Same goes for shader showdown, we need coders who are up for the challenge, if you want to make it happen! :)
* As already hinted towards in the previous post, we will only allow vaccinated people to participate in person. No discussions, with delta variant on the rise, we don't want to take any other risks.
* This year we're also not able to provide a sleeping area, but you can camp on the big outside meadows if you want (or book a hotel, or crash at a Berlin scener's place ;)

That's all for now - we can't wait to welcome you again in Berlin! \0/

v3nom - 19:29 25 September 2021 #

Tickets&Shirts (only) available online
* To make contact tracing and handling at the infodesk easier, there will be no ticket sales at the door. ->You have to buy your ticket beforehands (via paypal or bank transfer). Get your's now!
* We want everyone to feel save and have finalized the corona concept. In short: No mask obligation, but vaccination required. Read all about our additional measures here.
* If you can't come but want to have a shirt, you can buy a shirt online and we'll send it to you :)

Acts confirmed
We have a really nice lineup of musical acts confirmed:
* Team210 - qm bringing you synthwave tracks with live visuals by nr4
* Ronny - wants you to dance your heart out. Period.
* scamp - playing uk hardcore like there's no tomorrow
* Zeigerkollektiv - demoscene classics played live in a rock super meadley
* wayfinder vs. dojoe - Back 2 Back with live visuals by pixtur/still

Remote Entries welcome
As in previous years you are welcome to participate remotely. There will be live stream, and we're still working on getting the partysystem online so you can upload your entries. (no entrance fee required). Alternatively you can send them to:

Looking forward to partying with you!